Sister Wives: Christine Left LuLaRoe (8 Ways The Company’s “Culty”)

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown isn’t affiliated with LuLaRoe anymore, and since the searing documentary LuLaRich aired, she may be trying to distance herself from the company. In season 18, Christine’s reinventing herself. She left Kody Brown, and seems quite happy to be free of him. However, she does resent him at times, especially when he mistreats her close friend Janelle Brown. Christine’s so over polygamy with reality show star Kody. However, embracing life without the patriarch isn’t the only change that she’s making. In love and business, she’s evolving.

Sister Wives season 18’s featured some memorable drama so far, but Janelle’s issues with Kody probably deliver the most riveting onscreen entertainment. Janelle and Kody are having serious problems, and although she thinks he’s “hot,” she wants to go to couples’ counseling with him. Janelle doesn’t see another way out of their problems, and she’s really losing hope. Christine’s focusing on the future, but she’s willing to be friends with Kody. He thinks she’s playing some kind of game, but more often than not, Christine’s 100 percent sincere. A straight shooter, Christine values directness in others. She’s all about emotional honesty. She may consider LuLaRoe a little too shady.


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