Silk Turns Diamond’s Funeral Into An Anti-Vax Trump Rally

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Lynette Hardaway, aka Diamond of the MAGA mammy duo, Diamond & Silk, passed away earlier this month, and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson couldn’t even lay her sister to rest without allowing the funeral to devolve into a QAnon-style MAGA rally.

According to the Daily Beast, the memorial service for Diamond took place at the Crown Theatre in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Saturday. Predictably, Silk refused to take a break from using the occasion to do what she and her sister have been doing for as long as we’ve known of their existence—push baseless conspiracy theories and praise their cult leader, Donald Trump.

From the Daily Beast:

“Instead of asking if Americans are vaxxed or unvaxxed, the real question to ask is: Are Americans being poisoned?” she asked the pro-Trump crowd filled with friends and family.“In the wild, when they want to depopulate and sterilize a large group of animals, they usually inject one animal, and that one animal infect the rest of the animals,” Silk said, suggesting, without evidence, that the COVID-19 vaccine creates harm. “People are dropping dead around here, and nobody is talking about it! They are dropping dead suddenly and unexpectedly.”

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  1. Anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theories and misinformation caused millions of people to refuse life saving vaccinations, which led directly to more deaths from Covid.

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