‘She doesn’t look like a real person’: Woman reconnects with high school friend she hasn’t seen in 6 years, finds out she’s joined a cult

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Thanks to the prevalence of the true crime documentary craze, we now know more than we probably wish we did on the subject of weird and controlling cults. Shows like Dancing For the Devil have given us an inside look at some disturbing behavior.

This phenomenon has trickled into all corners of the internet, and as one TikTokker puts it, it is baffling to see. @geckogracie posted a video of her reaction to seeing a high school acquaintance join one of these organizations.

The video itself offers no further details, just the creator’s look of shock. The comments, however, are a different story. Delve deep down the rabbit hole of the comment section, and you will find a captivating story.

The content creator, who goes by Gracie, posted only a few more words in the video description.

“Like i want to reach out but at the same time i dont bc she doesnt look like a real person.”

These vague terms kicked up a frenzy in the comments section, with followers demanding to know what the organization she was talking about went by. After some prodding, Gracie revealed some more details to those who asked.

“I would like to share more but I don’t think it would be fair to out someone but it’s called RIG if you wanna look it up.”

With this minimal information, commenters chronicled their exploration of the church. Based out of Houston, RIG Global Church was founded by Tomi and Tahmar Arayomi. Tomi identifies as a prophet and preaches evangelical ideas. Gracie further explained in the comments her perspective on the issue, stating:

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