Shakira fans don’t want Tom Cruise to turn her into Scientology: This trolling is next level

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Even though she was also spotted having dinner with F1 pilot Lewis Hamilton, Shakira was also spotted spending some quality time with none other than Tom Cruise. According to reports from sources close to the actor, he was extremely interested in pursuing her and even sent flowers to her hotel room. Shakira seemed to be enjoying her new life as a single woman by going out to the Miami Grand Prix and meeting up with several A-listers. But the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ star apparently does not have the approval from any of Shakira’s fans due to his dating history. Despite having dated some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities, Tom Cruise does not have a great reputation when it comes to relationships.

Some have taken this as a perfect opportunity to troll Tom Cruise for his Scientology religion and warned Shakira to not date him because of that. But others simply point at the actor’s extreme narcissistic characteristics. Regardless of these warnings from her fans, the singer reportedly hit it off with the actor and they were seen having a great time at the event. In short, Page Six reports Tom Cruise was absolutely smitten by the singer and he was eager to keep spending time with her. during this interaction, Shakira was accompanied by her two sons, Milan and Sasha. Who are Gerard Pique’s sons as well. Both boys appear to have also interacted with Cruise.

Jokes against Tom Cruise are ruthless

This has been true the entire time, folks don’t care if Tom Cruise is one of the most important movie stars who ever lived. They don’t trust his Scientology relogion, of which he is the poster boy. As soon as they realized he was interested in Shakira, the singer’s fans immediately started posting reactions and warnings about this. Some took the whole ordeal with humor and joked Shakira would release a dis song 20 years from now. Others were extremely serious about it and didn’t mind saying Shakira is in actual danger if she is wooed by the actor. Regardless of what happens, we will keep you all posted with any new development on this story.

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