Search for 6 alleged cult members who vanished continues

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(NewsNation) — Police are continuing to search for four adults and two children who vanished from the St. Louis area and were reportedly followers of an online cult led by Rashad Jamal.

Mikayla Thompson, 25; Naaman Williams, 30; Gerrielle German, 27; Ma’Kayla Wickerson, 36; Ashton Williams, 2; and Malaiyah Wickerson, 3, were last seen in the St. Louis area in August 2023. The group reportedly lived in Wickerson’s home before vanishing.

Wickerson’s mother, Carthisha Morgan, said her daughter had been manipulated by an online cult led by Rashad Jamal White, who goes by Rashad Jamal. Morgan said her daughter maxed out her credit cards, quit her job and cut contact with family before she vanished.

Police said neighbors reported seeing the group worshiping the sun and running naked in the yard during the rain when they lived in the home.

Jamal is currently in jail after being charged with sexually abusing the children of a previous partner as well as other charges of cruelty to children. His arrest record includes having previously pleaded guilty to battery and strangulation and suffocation, and he has been charged with attempted murder in the past, though he was not convicted.

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