Scientologist real estate agent who thought she was battling Lyme disease set fire to herself and shot herself dead after being told to ‘drop the body’ – which followers believe allows their ‘thetan’ to live on

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A woman from Florida who took her own life may have been driven to suicide after following codes laid down by the Church of Scientology.

Whitney Mills, was a high-ranking member of the Church in Clearwater but shot herself after believing she was facing significant health issues and would be able to ‘transfer to a new body.’

According to reporter Tony Ortega, who has been following the story for some time, Mills, 40, had been diagnosed with Lyme disease and also had a mass on one of her ovaries that she refused to have removed.

Those close to her have suggested Mills was actually suffering from depression rather than any specific ailment.

On the day of her death, her friends requested a welfare check after she stopped answering her phone.

Whitney Mills, a 40-year-old real estate agent and deeply involved Scientologist, shot herself on May 12 and later died

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