Sandy Hook parents awarded damages against Alex Jones decry his ‘opulent’ spending as he seeks raise

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On the same day that six parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook tragedy asked a judge to put Alex Jones on a budget for his “egregious spending” during his bankruptcy case, Jones himself asked the court for a 15 percent raise — or a $1.5 million salary.

The six Sandy Hook parents, who sit on a committee with oversight into Jones’ finances, are among the families who won a total of $1.5 billion in defamation damages against Jones in separate trials in Texas and Connecticut last year. The six parents on the oversight committee had not responded in court as of mid-Thursday to Jones’ request for a raise from his parent company, Free Speech Systems, to host his conspiracy and merchandising show on his Infowars platform. Free Speech Systems is also in bankruptcy.

But in arguments to Judge Christopher Lopez on Tuesday, the parents railed against Jones “spending an aggregate of more than $740,000 in non-exempt assets — all in order to continue to enjoy his opulent, (pre-bankruptcy) lifestyle and maintain non-exempt assets, a majority of which should have been sold shortly after the commencement of the Chapter 11 case.”

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