Rumors suggest HYBE’s involvement in cult religion ‘Dahn World’ possibly part of why Min Hee Jin wanted to leave

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In the days following Min Hee Jin‘s press conference, rumors about Bang Si Hyuk and HYBE‘s involvement in an organization believed to be a cult have been making their way through online communities in Korea.

The organization in question, called ‘Dahn World,’ was founded by Lee Seung Heon, who also founded Global Cyber University, which six members of BTS have attended and have promoted in the past.

According to an article shared through Nate Pann, ‘Dahn World’ promotes the idea that man and God are one, and followers are said to worship Mago, the goddess of the universe. “Mago” is also the name of HYBE’s previous girl group GFRIEND’s final single before disbandment, which was released under a ‘modern witch’ concept. ‘回:Walpurgis Night,’ the album the track belongs to, also refers to a German feast day under Christian tradition where fire rituals are performed to rid off witches and evil spirits.

Walpurgis Night is held on the evening of April 30 into May 1, which some are suggesting makes GFRIEND’s May disbandment and LE SSERAFIM’s debut date – May 2, 2022, the day after Walpurgis Night – relevant to the cult conspiracy. They suggest that GFRIEND ending with a witch concept and LE SSERAFIM debuting a day after Walpurgis Night under a name referring to Old Testament angels (or ‘seraphim’) is no coincidence.

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