Religious Group Slammed As “Coercive Cult” After Pushing Members To Donate Their Kidneys

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The Kidney Cult’s Aussie members live in a nondescript home, but smaller congregations have since emerged in other parts of the world, including Canada, the US, Mexico, and Kenya.

Almost two decades ago, David and his followers, who currently include a few hundred worldwide, hosted a whipping of their members in a public display of supposed atonement for the sins of others, 7News reported on Monday (May 20).
Despite other scandals emerging in the news, the group is best known for being referred to as The Kidney Cult, with devout followers encouraged to donate a kidney to complete strangers as an act of kindness.

The purpose of this seemingly heroic gesture is currently unknown.

Cult specialist Rick Ross told 7News: “Think of the people that have donated kidneys because Dave McKay influenced them and coerced them in his own methodical way to give up a kidney.

“Those people are scarred literally for the rest of their lives.

“Dave McKay’s demands on them will change their lives forever.”

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