QAnon’s Newest Target Is Huggies Diapers for Some Reason

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QAnon has a new obsession: Huggies diapers.

Over the last week, the cult’s latest baseless conspiracy theory—that Huggies diapers feature secret symbols linked to pedophilia—went viral after a QAnon influencer on Twitter, recently reinstated on the platform by Elon Musk, tweeted out the wild claims.

The conspiracy theory racked up millions of views, going viral so quickly that the diaper company was forced to publicly denounce it. But despite this denial—or maybe because of it—the conspiracy continues to percolate on social media sites like Telegram, Reddit, and Truth Social.

The conspiracy theory began last week when a QAnon supporter who uses the screen name “Vincent Kennedy” and has over 265,000 followers, tweeted a picture of a Huggies diaper featuring the character of Simba from “The Lion King.” The picture had circled a number of symbols that feature on the diaper design, alongside the caption: “Once you truly awake you ain’t going back to sleep.”

While the reference will be lost to anyone except those deep down the QAnon rabbit hole, Kennedy was referencing the similarity between the symbols on the diaper and those featured in an FBI document from 2007, published by WikiLeaks that claims certain symbols, like triangles and circular swirls, were used by pedophiles to identify their sexual preferences.

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