‘Profundity Yours’ is a new cult in Texas, according to TikTok, and the fake language they speak is just the beginning

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Marietta is a tiny town in remote northeastern Texas with a population of only around 130 people and a main street that time seemingly forgot. According to TikTok, however, Profundity Yours, a New Age group and suspected cult is now based near there, and reports say Marietta residents are concerned.

Profundity Yours, founded by Linda Good McGillis around 2014, started on Facebook and YouTube, according to The Dallas Morning News. At first, McGillis, with a background in stargazing and lightwork, used Profundity Yours as a trauma support group for its members. But as her following grew, McGillis, originally from the Pacific Northwest, became more extreme in her teachings, telling people they needed to have “no beliefs,” referring to herself as the “I am,” or the “Alpha and Omega,” and likening herself to Jesus Christ. These days, McGillis shares, among other posts, lengthy talks on YouTube and the Profundity Yours website. McGillis has said she’s been taken over by aliens. She has also claimed to be a high-ranking commander in the Intergalactic Federations of Worlds.

At first, Profundity Yours members kept to themselves on the “Emerald City Sun Lights Ranch” near Marietta, with around a dozen living with McGillis full-time, and many more following online. But in 2023, McGillis and her crew reportedly bought the only restaurant in town, and with that, the spotlight grew on McGillis and what her true believers were all about.

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