Police in Murang’a apprehend 23 suspected cult members

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Police in Murang’a are holding 23 people in custody believed to have been in the process of conducting rituals and administering oaths on Sunday, December 31, 2023, at Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga.

Eleven men, eleven women, and a young boy were found to be in possession of knives and other paraphernalia, which the police believe were used to conduct rituals.

Police, acting on a tip-off from members of the public, ambushed the group as they were slaughtering a goat at the shrine believed to be the cradle of the Kikuyu community.

Murang’a County Police Commander David Kainga stated that they were alerted to suspicious activities at the shrine by residents living nearby.

He mentioned that 10 of those arrested come from Nairobi, while the other 13 are locals. They have launched an investigation, claiming that the individuals could be affiliated with the outlawed Mungiki sect.

“We got information that there were people at the shrine and their activities were suspicious to the locals,” Kainga said.

Among the items found in the possession of the group were tobacco, horns, sugarcane, traditional muratina brew, a fly whisk, and a flag with three colours commonly associated with the sect.

Content retrieved from: https://www.k24tv.co.ke/news/police-apprehend-cult-members-126418/.

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