People Are Sharing Their Heartbreaking Stories Of Losing Friends And Family To QAnon And The Far Right, And We Don’t Talk About This Enough

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Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their stories of friends and family members who were radicalized by QAnon, Trumpism, and the far right. Here’s what they had to say.“Like many, I have that one uncle. He strongly believes that COVID was a hoax to put trackers into everyone’s arm. He refused to get the vaccine (and/or wear a mask) in order to attend his own mother’s funeral in 2021. When Jan 6 happened he posted on FB that he was mad he wasn’t able to afford a plane ticket to go, cause he wishes he could have been there for the ‘revolution’.

“When I finally saw him for the first time in five plus years he went off on how I was a dumb liberal women. I’m too stupid to understand politics and women should not be allowed to vote. All women should be at home taking care of kids and obeying husbands.

It’s so sad. My mother said he was super smart as a kid but married into a super weird family and his whole personality/belief system changed. If there is a conspiracy theory, he will believe it.”

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