Parents of DKZ’s Kyoungyoon linked with infamous JMS cult, they claim ignorance and cut ties

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DKZ member Kyoungyoon has recently become embroiled in controversy due to the association of his parents with an infamous cult. In a recently released documentary by Netflix, called In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal, a Korean cult called Providence was featured, better known as JMS after its founder. The cult tried to sue to prevent it from being shown, but Netflix won out in the end.

While it’s worth watching on its own, Kyoungyoon has become unexpectedly been tangled up in this controversy, as it was rumored that his parents were attending a JMS church and were accused of running a cafe that was associated with it. Recently, DKZ’s company Dongyo Entertainment has confirmed the news, but claimed ignorance about its affiliations and cut ties immediately.

DKZ member Kyoungyoon has checked with his family regarding their business, which was mentioned on social media and other web communities. As a result, it was found that until Kyoungyoon had realized through the tip-offs submitted by many people and the broadcast information, his parents had thought that the church they were attending was just a normal church. They never experienced or realized whatever was broadcast in the show.
As soon as they found out the truth today, Kyoungyoon was also horrified after watching the show, and they ceased operations on the business immediately. At the same time, they have checked up on all the portions related to the specific group [JMS] and have given their word that they will escape from the church and have nothing to do with them moving forward.
He is apologetic that he was unable to be more thorough about things related to himself when he holds a job that receives love from many, and although he cannot make excuses for himself, as he did not have a shred of intention to act in benefit of the specific group or to cover up the truth behind the crimes, and so, we ask you to stop the exaggerated guesses and mentions.

Needless to say, most people are skeptical that anyone could be attending the church of a cult and running a business tied to them, but remain in ignorance of what they were. It is possible, but I doubt people would be satisfied unless further steps or evidence is taken in the future, as I don’t think they’d want to even think their funds for a group or business are being funneled to a cult.

That said, it’s hard to put much (or any) of this on Kyoungyoon, as even if he was also a part of that church/cult, then it’s most likely he’s a victim himself as somebody who got into it via his parents.

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  1. This Netflix cult documentary is exposing not only the cult, but related businesses. Hopefully this will be the end for Jung Myung-Seok.  

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