Notorious scammers who shocked the world – from Anna Delvey to Jordan Belfort

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Some fraudsters are so good at their murky art they gain fame – with a few even getting movies or a TV show based on them. With the release of Julianne Moore’s swindler caper Sharper, we’ve looked at the most notorious.

People have always been targeted by liars and thieves. But some are so creative that, ­deplorable as they are, they garner fame and fascination.

With scam thriller movie Sharper starring Julianne Moore now airing on Apple TV, we look at some of the most notorious tricksters throughout history…

The Confidence Man

Ever wondered where the term “con man” originated? William Thompson is thought to be the culprit.

In the 1840s, Thompson would approach upper-class men in New York pretending he knew them.

With this trick, he would ask if they had the confidence to lend him their watch until the next day.

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  1. Con men have always been with us. It’s meaningful to reflect upon the long history of such fraudsters to better understand the tricks of trade. That awareness can protect us.

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