Motions filed in Vallow Daybell case, new developments and alibi

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BOISE, Idaho — The newest developments in the case against Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell have yielded some interesting changes for the upcoming trial, after several motions were filed from each defendant.

A major development in Vallow’s defense is a notice of an alibi, which states that Vallow was not present for either JJ Vallow, Tylee Ryan, or Tammy Daybell’s murders; Vallow claims she was in her apartment in Rexburg with three others, while the murders of her children were taking place at her brother Alex Cox’s apartment nearby.

During the timeframe of Tammy Daybell’s death in Salem, Idaho, Vallow states she was in Hawaii with two of her friends.

Lori Vallow’s attorneys also filed a motion to declare her ineligible for the death penalty, stating she “does not have the requisite culpability to be charged with the death penalty.”

Lori Vallow, along with her husband Chad Daybell, is facing charges related to the deaths of her children, Tylee and JJ; she has been held in custody, separately from Chad, since early 2020. The couple is also facing additional charges in connection to the deaths of both of their late spouses, but have continued to plead not guilty to any of the charges against them.

In the motion, attorneys site the case of Enmund v Florida, as the result of that case determined that someone who does not participate in a murder or attempt to kill someone, cannot be given the death penalty.

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