Leah Remini’s Appearance at Danny Masterson Trial Sparks Court Chaos

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Leah Remini has claimed she was almost barred from sitting in the courtroom at Danny Masterson’s rape retrial.

The That ’70s Show actor, 46, who is an active Scientologist, is facing trial for a second time over alleged sexual misconduct with former members of the church.

He was first accused of sexual assault in 2017 and faced trial in October last year but it ended in a mistrial in November when the jury could not come to a unanimous decision.

In 2020, Masterson was charged with the rape of three women, all in their 20s at the time of the alleged assaults in the early 2000s, but he pleaded not guilty to the charges the following January.

Masterson’s retrial started on April 24 but was plagued by drama when Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charlaine Olmedo scolded Masterson’s lead defense attorney, Phillip Cohen, on multiple occasions.

The actor’s defense team also insisted Remini be removed from the court. The actress, a former Scientologist, had arrived to the courthouse and was sitting in the front row.

A long-time critic of her one-time church, Remini took to Twitter to explain the defense lawyers had wanted her taken out of court as they had served her a subpoena that morning to potentially appear as a witness during the trial.


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