Leah Remini Claims Scientology Punished Her By Making Her Raise Money For Tom Cruise

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New claims by actress Leah Remini about her involvement in Scientology implicate Tom Cruise and his youngest daughter, Suri.

According to the New York Post, court documents reveal Leah’s assertion that the church made her raise money on behalf of Tom as a punishment for displeasing the church’s leaders.

She specifically said she was forced to “raise money for Scientology causes led by Tom Cruise” after questioning where Shelly Miscavige was. Miscavige is the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige, but she hasn’t been seen in public since 2007.

Leah’s claims also involve Tom’s daughter Suri, 17, whom he shares with his ex-wife Katie Holmes. The actress says she had to “forced to donate money to name a seat in a Scientology auditorium after Suri Cruise.”

Suri does not appear to be involved in Scientology. The controversial religion was allegedly one of the main reasons fueling Katie’s decision to divorce Tom. He didn’t challenge Katie’s request for primary custody. She’s been raising Suri in New York and sending her to a Catholic school, and Tom reportedly hasn’t seen his daughter in years.

Leah’s claims are part of her ongoing lawsuit against the Church of Scientology for defamation.

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