Leah Remini Begs To Know Where Shelly Miscavige Is After Husband David Miscavige Allegedly Goes Missing

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Leah Remini is demanding answers after her pal Shelly Miscavige has been missing for several years.

After an article which stated Shelly’s husband, David Miscavige, who is the controversial head figure of Scientology, is allegedly now missing too, Remini is determined to find out the truth.

“WHERE IS SHELLY???” the actress, 52, wrote on Twitter on Thursday, January 26.

People were supportive of the Second Act star since she’s been fighting for Shelly’s freedom for quite some time.

One person said, “keep it going, Leah!” while another said, “Hey Leah. Keep up the good work!!”

Content retrieved from: https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/entertainment-celebrity/leah-remini-begs-to-know-where-shelly-miscavige-is-after-husband-david-miscavige-allegedly-goes-missing/ar-AA16Mwn7?li=BBnb2gh.

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  1. News media outlets everywhere are reporting about Scientology dictator David Miscavige’s disappearing act. Thanks to Leah Remini, despite Miscavige hiding, he nevertheless is completely exposed.

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