Lawyer for Alex Jones’ InfoWars parent company cites ‘heated exchange’ and nonpayment in bid to abandon bankruptcy case

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There’s yet more trouble in bankruptcy court for famed far-right bloviator Alex Jones: The lead attorney for Jones’ company Free Speech Systems — the parent company of Jones’ conspiracy-theory-espousing show InfoWars — has filed an emergency motion to withdraw as counsel.

The 7-page motion from attorney Robert Battaglia was filed in the Texas Bankruptcy Court Southern District on Feb. 29. Battaglia did not respond for a request for comment. The motion comes as Jones barrels toward another chapter in his Chapter 11 bankruptcy saga: a week before Battaglia requested to withdraw, families of the victims of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School voted to liquidate all of Jones’ assets in order to collect on the $1.5 billion in defamation judgments he owes them.

As to why Battaglia backed out of representing Free Speech Systems, the lawyer notes a persistent conflict between himself and J. Patrick Magill, the accountant appointed to serve as the Free Speech Systems chief restructuring officer in 2022 when bankruptcy proceedings were underway.

Battaglia and Magill had “no relationship prior” to Magill taking over as chief restructuring officer, the motion notes, and while there was, “for the most part,” a constructive working relationship, “over time the relationship has deteriorated,” Battagalia wrote.

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