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It’s “free week” from The Tribune (you’re welcome). This is your chance to read those subscriber-only Latter-day Saint stories from recent months that you may have missed — and to consider becoming a subscriber yourself, so you can access that content right when it publishes.

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To get you started, here are some past stories that are available for free this week:

• BYU-Idaho instructors are being fired for failing “ecclesiastical clearance” and even their bishops aren’t sure why.

• “Marrying a 14-year-old was not a wise thing to do,” says a researcher who studied the 33 “secret” wives of Joseph Smith, the church founder determined to restore biblical practices, including polygamy.

• In the desert of Dubai, a temple will rise. See how it came to be and why the faith’s first temple in the Middle East matters.

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  1. IMO, when the Mormon Church was ruled over by Joseph Smith and subsequently Brigham Young, it could be seen as a stereotypical personality cult. But over the many years that have passed since their deaths the church has evolved somewhat into the religious mainstream. And power has devolved, from one man rule, to a broader form of governance. Though the Mormon Church’s teachings still set it apart from historical Christianity, its behavior has become less cultic. And interestingly, the “Book of Mormon” remains essentially a work of fiction, without any basis in historical fact, archaeology or scientific evidence.

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