Kyle Filipowski’s Prom Photos Make Their Rounds Amid Wild Mormon Girlfriend Grooming Story, Which Another Brother Has Now Confirmed

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The Kyle Filipowski story is getting stranger and stranger whenever new details surface. When one of his brothers and mother threw around the story that the ex-Duke center and newly minted Utah Jazz big man was groomed by his Mormon girlfriend, eyebrows across the basketball world were raised.

Now another of Filipowski’s siblings has come forward to confirm that this grooming narrative is, in fact, a real thing.

The story goes that Filipowski isn’t dating a blood-relative cousin, but rather the child of a close family friend. He also was isolated from teammates at Duke and lived with his girlfriend off-campus.

This latest update only further confirms my theory from Thursday when the story broke that part of the reason Filipowski reportedly struggled during pre-NBA Draft interviews with teams was because he was determined to get to Utah. The state has the most highly concentrated population of Mormons in the United States at over 68%. If Filipowski has indeed been manipulated by this woman since his impressionable teenage years — he’s still only 20 as of now — what would’ve stopped him from self-sabotaging every interview, save for when he spoke with the Jazz brass?

Anyway, lending further credence to the story is the resurfacing of Filipowski’s prom photos with his girlfriend. You can see the date is May 21, 2022, when the photos were posted. Filipowski was born on November 7, 2003, making him 18 at the time.

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