Ex-Duke’s Kyle Filipowski’s Brother Details How His Girlfriend Caitlin Hutchison Groomed And Brainwashed Him Into Cutting Off His Family

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You know how they say love is blind? Well, in the case of Kyle Filipowski, it seems like his girlfriend Caitlin Hutchison took that saying to a whole new level. According to Kyle’s brother, Daniels Filipowski, Caitlin managed to groom and brainwash Kyle into cutting off his own family.

Daniels Filipowski, the brother of basketball player Kyle Filipowski, recently shared a shocking account of how his girlfriend, Caitlin Hutchison, groomed and brainwashed him into cutting off his family. In a detailed post on Twitter, Daniels revealed the manipulative tactics used by Hutchison to isolate him from his loved ones.

“My brother is a victim and was unfortunately a “perfect” pawn and target for this girl’s lifelong scheme based on his human characteristics and growing potential as a high-level prospect which started taking place in 2019, exactly at the time when she began her pursuit of him.”“Kyle…myself, your entire family and friends love you and are here for you! I have received so much outreach and support from families that have a child who has fallen victim to this same terrible and evil progression of psychological control and manipulation and my heart…”“Goes out to all the families out there who have suffered through this experience in the past or are currently going through this right now! You all are NOT ALONE.”

The Filipowski family has since rallied around Daniels, offering their support and love as he works to rebuild the relationships that were destroyed by Hutchison’s toxic influence. Daniels’ brave decision to speak out has shed light on the insidious nature of emotional abuse and manipulation, serving as a wake-up call for those who may be in similar situations. But can he rescue his brother from the claws of love?

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