Kraken, Elon Musk and dead Canadian doctors: Disinformation surges 3 years into the pandemic

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Delaney Barth knows exactly how her mother died – because she was the one who found her body and the suicide note.

After a long battle with mental illness, Louise Feddema, a physician in Canmore, Alta., took her own life on New Year’s Eve, 2021. Barth and her sister had arrived at their mother’s house after Christmas with their father, only to find her body, a note and a list of important contacts and next steps.

So when Barth later discovered that Feddema’s name was circulating on a fake list of 80 doctors whose deaths were linked to the COVID-19 vaccine, she found it “truly insulting.”

The bogus theory – promoted by a small group of Canadian doctors who have spent the pandemic falsely claiming or suggesting that the vaccine kills or harms people – insists, without proof, that the vaccine may have played a role in the death of an ever-growing number of physicians.

Global News has spent months investigating the list of doctors and speaking to their families and has found no link of the COVID vaccine to any of their deaths. Where Global News was able to determine the most likely cause of death, it was most often cancer, heart attack or suicide. At least one wasn’t even vaccinated.

And some family members say beyond the lies about their loved ones, they themselves have also become the target of hate mail and abuse.

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