Kishida: Govt. to make ‘final judgement’ on disbandment of ex-Unification Church

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Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has suggested his administration will make a final judgement on whether to seek a court order to disband a group widely known as the Unification Church as a religious corporation.

The education and culture ministry is looking into the organization’s alleged dubious marketing practices and solicitations of large donations from its followers.

The ministry has exercised its legal authority to question the religious organization on seven occasions. The ministry says the group has failed to properly respond to its inquiries. It asked a court to fine the group and is considering whether to seek a dissolution order against it as a religious corporation.

The prime minister told reporters on Wednesday that in addition to the ministry’s seven inquiries, its evidence gathering from former followers, lawyers and others have been making steady progress across the country.

Kishida also said that his government will make final efforts for a firm conclusion on the issue, and come to a final judgement based on law, while listening to opinions of the ministry’s council on religious corporations.

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