Kenyan Woman Narrates Being Recruited into Secret Cult, Sympathises with Star Chebet: “Wako Online”

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A Kenyan woman has fiercely defended actress Star Chebet, who left a cryptic message on a Facebook post saying she was initiated into some strange things at Kimungu River, eliciting concern from Kenyans.

According to the lady who spoke on condition of anonymity in an audio piece, the admins of the cults operate online and from shrines. They approach people with many followers; the latter speak about the alleged cults and get as many followers as possible.

“They know many people will see it because Kenyans are superstious and some of our religions teach us about cultural altars that allegedly affect our lives. According to the leaders, some of the problems people go through are because of failing to appease the ancestors.They know the system works very well,” she told

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