Judges frustrated as Scientology head David Miscavige dodges summons

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LOS ANGELES (CN) — David Miscavige, the second and current head of the Church of Scientology, is a hard man to find.

Plaintiffs in two separate cases are trying to serve Miscavige with complaints and summons, but the religious leader has proved elusive. On Thursday, a Superior Court judge agreed to a request by Miscavige’s lawyers to quash a summons — affirming in effect that he had not been properly served and that the plaintiff, who is suing a Scientology recruiter and the church itself as well as Miscavige for sexual assault, must keep trying.

“This case has exhibited something that the rules were not established to allow,” the plaintiff’s lawyer, Carmen Scott, told the judge before the ruling. “There’s no question that David Miscavige has actual notice of this case.”

She added, “Mr. Miscavige’s service-dodging should not allow him to win. It makes a mockery of the rules of the system.”

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