Jay Shetty’s fake origins don’t matter to his Instagram cult. They just want ‘meaning’

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The power of influencers over our personal lives boggles the mind. Even those who have been called out multiple times continue to amass legions of fans and followers. But most are modern-day godmen and snake-oil salesmen riding on our insecurity and peddling fake dreams.

British-Indian self-help ‘guru’ Jay Shetty is the latest to come under scrutiny, his alleged “iffy origin story” collapsing like a pack of cards. But the man who presided over Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s nuptials seems unfazed by The Guardian’s takedown. He has not issued a statement and his Instagram account is still brimming with his trademark ‘motivational posts’ that earned him millions of dollars and entry into Hollywood’s gilded circles.

Content retrieved from: https://theprint.in/opinion/pov/jay-shettys-fake-origins-dont-matter-to-his-instagram-cult-they-just-want-meaning/1990726/.

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