ISIS posts jubilant selfie of Moscow terror gunmen boasting of its ‘bloody attack’ on ‘large crowd of Christians’ – as ultra-brutal offshoot of Islamist group claims its most bloody success yet

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Members of a brutal-offshoot of ISIS who claimed responsibility for the deadly Moscow massacre that left more than 140 people dead posted a selfie in front of the terror group’s flag in the wake of the attack.

The selfie, released by ISIS’ official news agency Amaq, shows the ‘four perpetrators’ in dark baseball caps and face masks pointing upwards, a gesture that has long-been associated with the terror group.

The gesture refers to the tawhid, which is ‘the belief in the oneness of God’, according to foreign policy experts. The identities of the people seen in the selfie has not yet been confirmed, but ISIS claims they are among those who carried out the attack.

The attack was the ‘most violent’ perpetrated against Russia ‘in years’, ISIS claimed, adding that attack on the Crocus City Hall in the western outskirts of Moscow on Friday night was part of the ‘raging war between the Islamic State and countries fighting Islam.’

Though Amaq did not specify which branch of ISIS carried out the attack, US intelligence officials strongly believe that members of Islamic State in Khorasan Province, or ISIS-K, that carried out the attack.

ISIS-K, set up in late 2014 in eastern Afghanistan in the wake of US-led airstrikes against ISIS strongholds across Iraq, is known for its extreme brutality.

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