Blow-by-blow: How the terrifying Moscow ISIS terror attack that killed 143 people unfolded as music fans waited to hear their favourite band

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Bullet after bullet tore through hundreds of unsuspecting music fans in Moscow on Friday night, all of whom had trekked to the western outskirts of Russia’s capital to sing their hearts out.

The ISIS attack, carried out by one of the terror group’s most violent sects, saw four armed and dangerous men slaughter innocent civilians who were settling down to watch Russian rock band Picnic perform at the Crocus City Hall venue on March 22.

But the concert didn’t even get to begin before four terrorists who belonged to an ultra-violent sect of the terror group began shooting at innocent civilians.

Details of exactly what happened on Friday night are slowly emerging, and Russia investigators are slowly piecing the attack together.

Here, MailOnline looks at exactly what happened on that terrible night.

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