Is Church of Scientology Best Judge Of Whether Church Of Scientology Forced Teen To Marry Her Rapist?

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In 1991, the Church of Scientology was made aware of the fact that a 16-year-old girl was being regularly sexually abused by a 26-year-old Sea Org member. Naturally, instead of reporting this to police, the CoS told the girl that she could either marry her rapist or be punished by being sentenced to the Rehabilitation Project Force camp, where she would, for one to 10 years, be “subjected to isolation, food deprivation, long hours of hard manual labor, and other cruel and unusual punishments.”

She chose to marry him.

This girl, now a woman referred to only as Jane Doe, has since filed a lawsuit with eight separate causes of action against the Church of Scientology, The Religious Technology Center, Scientology church leader David Miscavige, Bridge Publications and her abuser/ex-husband, Gavin Potter, including sexual assault; sexual battery; negligence, related to the Church’s failure to do anything about the well-known issue of higher-ups in the Sea Org preying on minors in general and about Potter in particular, and their failure to inform Doe or other minors of this risk; along with intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud and being a public nuisance.

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