I fled Twin Flames cult – I was brainwashed into being their ‘poster girl’ & forced my sister into abusive relationship

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A SURVIVOR of a dating “cult” has told how she forced her sister into an abusive relationship after being brainwashed.

Keely Griffin escaped Twin Flames Universe (TFU) – an organisation that claims to help people find their “harmonious union” but led her to lose her career, savings and relationships.

Selling the dream to match people with their ultimate soulmate, TFU has been run by founders Jeff and Shaleia Divine since 2017.

The married pair claim to have a direct connection to God and use it to match their 40,000 members with their “eternal partner”.

But survivors like Keely have accused the organisation of cult-like behaviour – with claims the couple have even encouraged members to change their gender in their quest to find love.

Jeff – who has referred to himself as “Father Christ” and Shaleia as “Mother Christ” – works with a team of coaches to help guide their members towards their so-called Twin Flame.

Content retrieved from: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/26909118/escaping-twin-flames-cult-survivor-netflix/.

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