Church of Scientology Accused of Harassing Prosecutor to ‘Derail’ Danny Masterson’s Rape Trial

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The Church of Scientology has been accused of trying to “derail” actor Danny Masterson’s rape trials, according to legal documents filed in December 2023 and obtained by TheWrap. He was convicted in those trials for raping two women in 2001 and 2003 whom he had met through the church.

Masterson’s rape victims filed legal documents in December 2023, obtained by TheWrap, claiming the church launched a “campaign of harassment and intimidation directed at one of the prosecutors assigned to Defendant Masterson’s trial” in an effort to “derail Masterson’s criminal trial” as well as his second criminal trial.

The prosecutor’s name wasn’t revealed in the document, though the charges do match similar ones discussed in a speech by L.A. County Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller last year, according to the Los Angeles Times, which also reports that a spokesperson for the church has denied the claims.

“Defendants attempted to derail the second criminal trial of Defendant Masterson by filing baseless accusations against the detectives and the prosecutors in the Masterson case and timed those accusations in a manner designed to interfere with the retrial of Masterson,” the document reads, citing court findings.

The filing, submitted by civil attorney Simon Leen, continued by breaking down the list of alleged attacks against the prosecutor. “That prosecutor’s home and car windows were broken, the prosecutor’s home electronics were tampered with, and Defendants’ agents surveilled the prosecutor,” the document reads.

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