How Utah town where evil Mormon cult leader Warren Jeffs abused children and tore families apart has been transformed into ‘psychedelic church’ hot spot – and cult loyalists are FURIOUS

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Donia Jessop swore she would never go back.

It was the place that threatened to tear her family apart.

The place where evil cult leader Warren Jeffs committed horrific sex crimes against children and banished anyone who spoke against him.

Yet not only did Donia return to the town she fled in 2013, she now runs it.

Today, she sits in the mayor’s office in Hildale, Utah, once the headquarters of one of America’s most extreme religious sects – the Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints (FLDS).

Barely a decade ago, around 9,000 people lived in the community of Short Creek – made up of Hildale and neighboring Colorado City.

Almost all of them were members of Jeffs’ church, which owned their houses, controlled the police force and divided families at will.

The sadistic leader ran an austere polygamous theocracy and commanded at least 78 wives, of whom 24 were under the age of 17.

But Jeffs is now set to spend the rest of his life in a Texan jail after his 2011 conviction for two counts of child sexual assault.

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