How Jim Jones Became One Of The Worst Cult Leaders In History

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On a fall day in 1978, the world woke up to learn that more than 900 people in Guyana had died in a mass “suicide,” ostensibly at the command of the Peoples Temple cult leader Jim Jones. In the weeks that followed, horrifying details about the Jonestown Massacre emerged, as well as new information about the man who had orchestrated it.

In the aftermath of the Jonestown Massacre, Jones seemed like two people packed into one. He had spent his life fighting racism, but many of his followers who died at his command were Black. Jones preached as a Christian, but allegedly wanted to use religion to spread Marxist ideas.

He defended the poor and powerless, and yet lured hundreds of vulnerable people to their deaths via cyanide-laced punch. Perhaps most horrifying was that many of these followers did not want to die — and some were forced to consume the poison against their will — as it was eventually revealed.

So, how did Jones transform from an impoverished boy in Indiana to a dangerous cult leader? How did Jones go from an aspiring doctor, to a political activist, to a mass murderer? This is the story of Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple cult leader who ordered hundreds of people to die.

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