How David Archuleta’s Coming Out Led To His Mother Leaving The Mormon Church

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David Archuleta has come a long way since his American Idol days. It’s taken a while for the singer to embrace his sexuality as a member of the LGBTQ community but, sometimes, things are worth the wait. But look at Archuleta now: he’s in incredible shape, releasing new music, and stepping away from the Mormon faith to live his truth.

While support has poured in from fans after his coming out, it has not been entirely the case for “Crush” singer— specifically when it pertained to his mother who was a devout member of the Mormon church. The clouds have recently parted for Archuleta though as his mother came around to support him and, what’s more, is she actually left the church to do so. From his stepping away from the Mormon faith to his mother supporting him, here’s everything we know about David Archuleta’s coming out story.

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