Andrew Tate’s ‘The Real World’ App Banned by Google Amid Claims It’s a Pyramid Scheme

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Google has removed Andrew Tate’s online “learning platform” from Google Play after campaigners complained that the influencer’s The Real World app is a pyramid scheme which exploits teens and ultimately channels them towards misogynistic ideology.

The removal of Tate’s app on Tuesday from the Android app store followed questions from VICE News about the campaign, raising pressure on Apple to follow suit in removing the app from its App Store. Apple has also been approached by campaigners and VICE News about the app, but has so far taken no action.

The Real World is marketed as a “global community of like-minded individuals striving to acquire an abundance of wealth” created by Tate, the notorious British-American influencer, who – despite facing charges in Romania of rape, human trafficking and forming an organised crime group to sexually exploit women – retains a large following among young men and boys worldwide.

The site, formerly known as “Hustlers University,” promises to give subscribers expert tuition in business and online entrepreneurship, with video lessons and mentorship from supposed “multi-millionaire experts” on topics like copywriting, e-commerce, crypto and stocks. Targeting young people in its marketing and design, the platform claims that for a monthly subscription fee of $49.99, recruits can earn “over $10k per month quickly” and escape “the Matrix,” Tate’s disparaging term for mainstream society, to avoid an otherwise inevitable future as a “brokie.”

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