How Australian Doomsday cult leader lured a 14-year-old girl into sex by posing as the Virgin Mary before fathering her child – and the discovery of old letters that sealed his downfall

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In 1993, teenager Stefanie Hinrichs was dreaming of owning a horse, leaving school, and marrying Hollywood heart-throb Keanu Reeves.

But God had other plans for the dreamy 13-year-old.

Stefanie’s devout German family belonged to a controversial Doomsday cult led by self-proclaimed Australian prophet William Kamm, then 44.

Kamm was building a new promised land for his followers deep in the bush at Cambewarra, outside Nowra on the NSW south coast.

According to the charismatic guru – known among his flock as ‘Little Pebble’ – God’s divine plans for the schoolgirl involved her becoming his child bride.

Stefanie would be one of Kamm’s 84 ‘mystical spouses,’ chosen to immaculately conceive his Holy Seed, and bring forth a new race of people at the end of the world.

But while the other trusting members of his isolated Catholic Order of St Charbel blindly accepted the new world saviour’s bizarre story, Stefanie was not convinced the match made in heaven was the blessing she’d been told it was.

She didn’t want to marry her portly brother-in-law, who was already married to her eldest sister, Bettina, 19. But in Kamm’s strict religious community where everyone believed he spoke for the Lord, the girl was in a quandary.

Warned by her fanatically religious mother that questioning God’s will was a sin and that her doubts had been planted by the Devil, she flirted with the idea of suicide, which was also a mortal sin.

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  1. Cult leaders often spin supernatural and spiritual claims to justify and rationalize abuse. It’s frightening that this cult leader is now out of prison.

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