How a cult brainwashed me, and how I escaped

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When we think of cults we think of David Koresh and the Waco Siege, the Manson Family, and of people like Jim Jones, who convinced 918 of his followers to kill themselves and their children.

But those are extreme examples that might give the impression that cults are much rarer than they are.

Most people believe that they could never be brainwashed into a cult or be totally enthralled by a cult leader, but it is believed that thousands of people find themselves in that situation every year.

Ian Haworth never imagined that he would fall for it, he never thought he would lose his mind and freedom to a cult – but that is what happened.

He went on to spend a lifetime warning of the dangers of cults – running the Cult Information Centre charity.

He told Ciarán Dunbar his story.

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