Horrifying cult led by ‘centuries-old angel’ with sick sex abuse at its heart

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A horrifying cult led by a “centuries-old angel” with sick sex abuse at its heart has been uncovered.

The story of Daniel Perez, a cult leader who convinced parents he had to rape their daughters in order to stay alive, shocked the world when it surfaced back in 2015.

He led a commune named the “Angel’s Landing” and lived off life insurance money he earned after murdering one of his followers Victoria Hughes.

Witnesses testified at his trial that he in fact ran a whole scheme of life insurance frauds and was behind the deaths of multiple people that he promised would “return from the dead”.

Perez, also known as Lou Castro, received multiple life sentences for over 20 crimes, including murder, sexual exploitation, and other charges.

He is ineligible for parole until he is 120 years old.

Years after his conviction, one of his victims described the ordeal she went through and how the “seer” lured his victims into his obscene lifestyle.

Sara McGrath was 17 years old when her family joined the commune after Perez, whom her mother met while selling him a house, convinced them to move in.

She told Fox News that Perez at first appeared innocent, caring, and charismatic.

Content retrieved from: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/horrifying-cult-led-centuries-old-29213808.

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  1. Many cult leaders make supernatural claims about their origin or powers, which imbues them with an aura of authority and encourages compliance.

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