“He’s diabolical”: Former Scientology Member Claimed Tom Cruise’s ‘Nice Guy’ Act Was A Sham, Accused Top Gun 2 Star of Duplicity

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Following his magnetic charm in addition to being the biggest movie star on the planet, Tom Cruise is held in high regard among other major celebrities, including his Top Gun 2 costar Jon Hamm. However, not everyone sees eye to eye with the actor, especially due to his ties with the Science of Scientology, and Cruise has occasionally found himself in hot water for defending the Church’s practices.

But there has been one actress who has been pretty vocal about her distaste for the Mission: Impossible star and even claimed the nice guy persona that he showcases to his fans is just a sham.

Being a former member of the Church of Scientology herself, Leah Remini has claimed that Tom Cruise isn’t the man that he showcases to the public. After leaving the Church back in 2013, the actress went on release her memoir, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, where she blasted the Mission: Impossible star. But Remini’s criticisms towards Cruise weren’t just limited to her memoir, as during a Q & A session on Reddit, the actress claimed that Cruise allegedly fakes his nice guy persona in front of fans and stated,

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