‘He Has No Internet Or Email. He’s So Sheltered’: Lisa Marie Presley Lifted The Lid On How Scientology Maintains Iron Grip Over Poster Boy John Travolta In Final Interview

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Prior to Lisa Marie Presley’s untimely death at 54 years old, the singer gave details about John Travolta’s life as a Scientologist during one of her final interviews.

“John is my last Scientology friend. Kelly [Preston] kind of monitors us. John and I get unruly if we’re together. John is renting my house in Hawaii right now,” she previously told journalist Tony Ortega, which was written on The Underground Bunker.

“(Preston died of cancer in 2020.) I asked what Lisa meant by ‘unruly,’ and she described late nights with Travolta talking about what the rest of the world thought about Scientology, which the church considers a forbidden exercise,” he recalled of their conversation. “’I told him about the HBO thing. He had no idea. I told him that Debbie Cook was gone. He had no idea. He has no Internet or email. He’s so sheltered. All he knows is what they tell him. He’s smart but sheltered.'”

Content retrieved from: https://okmagazine.com/p/lisa-marie-presley-details-john-travolta-sheltered-scientology/.

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  1. Celebrities within Scientology are cocooned witin the church and often surrounded by Scientologist sycophant staff. They live in an alternate reality, which largely isolates them from the outside world.

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