Hate group fueled by viral videos, T-shirts

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When a handful of neo-Nazis gathered in front of an East Cobb synagogue last weekend, spewing antisemitic messages and conspiracy theories before a horrified community, they were led by a man who proudly proclaims himself “the most famous antisemite in America.”

In just a few years, Jon Minadeo II, a high school dropout from Northern California, has emerged as “Handsome Truth,” an outrageous far-right personality and leader of the hate group the Goyim Defense League. Nightly, he livestreams his diatribes and hateful stunts on a sprawling website that seeks to be a one-stop shop for radical, racist content.

The Cobb County demonstration, for example, was livestreamed by a supporter with a hand-held cell phone camera as Minadeo and his small band mocked Jews and shouted at passing cars. And all of that content, including antics like the one staged in Cobb, are fueled by the sale of Nazi-themed merchandise and appeals for donations.

“They are still writing articles about what happened,” Minadeo bragged on a recent broadcast where he recounted his weekend in Georgia. “I view this weekend as a huge success. Some people argue about the optics and things like that, but I think a lot of these people don’t understand what we are trying to do.”

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