Good morning: 1970s Havasu cult Synanon focus of Paramount Plus streaming season

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Many Havasu Pioneers and long-time residents have vivid memories of Synanon, the cult that established roots in Lake Havasu City during the 1970s. Recently, it has reentered the public consciousness, thanks to a new documentary series on Paramount Plus. We’re told the streaming series briefly mentions Lake Havasu City in the fourth episode.

Synanon advocated for “tough love” and a “cold turkey” approach to rehabilitating substance abusers, attracting thousands of drug addicts and eventually extending its services to court-ordered juvenile delinquents.

Originating as a rehabilitation initiative, Synanon facilities expanded across California, evolving into a counter-culture community by 1964. Over time, the group welcomed professionals and even non-addicts, stressing the importance of living a self-examined life while requiring new members to transfer their assets to the organization.

In Havasu, Synanon constructed a $1 million facility, prompting significant local resistance and concerns about its impact on the growing community. The group’s founder, Charles Dederich, was arrested in Havasu in 1978. The News-Herald revisited the Synanon cult on the 40th anniversary of Dederich’s arrest.

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