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How can you tell if an organization is a cult?

The answer lies in the level of dogmatism. The higher the level of certainty about a multitude of topics, the more likely it’s a cult. The more the cult member is unwilling to listen to opposing opinions or be open to facts that contradict their views, the more likely it’s a cult. The greater the fear, the more likely it’s a cult.

How do I know?

I was a member of a religious cult from the ages of 16 to 23. It was called the Worldwide Church of God. I joined it in 1966 because there was a lot of chaos in the country and in my family at the time. I didn’t have much confidence in my own ability to think and make my own decisions. I was scared of making mistakes. I looked to the cult leader to do my thinking for me. Surely, since he was a spokesman for God, he wouldn’t make bad decisions. There was comfort in feeling certain about the right path in a time of political and moral chaos.

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