Fourth coming: Mysterious Luhyaland gods who marry, die and prophecy

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Western Kenya, specifically the Luhya nation, has been in the limelight for many years. Luhya is perhaps the only Kenyan community that has produced “gods” in human form – with flesh, blood, etc.

The region is full of drama involving religious sects and their leaders who claim to be “Jesus”. These gods are revered by their adherents who can go to any lengths to get their anointing or blessings.

Some of these self-proclaimed gods and prophets say they will not die, but if they do, they will resurrect and bring salvation to humankind. As if to vindicate Karl Marx who opined that “religion is the opium of the people”, the fanaticism these gods invoke in their followers is stupendous. They will do anything, virtually everything, that their leaders command them to do.

Jesus of Tongaren

The latest of the gods is Eliud Simiyu, jokingly referred to as “Jesus of Tongaren” in Bungoma County who hit media headlines a few weeks ago and continues to hog the limelight. The Jesus of Tongaren recently made the sensational claim that only two residents of Nairobi would make it to heaven, and they were yet to be born. According to Jesus of Tongaren, only 168,000 people in the entire world will enter heaven.

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  1. Cults are not restricted to any one nation or continent, but rather are a global issue affecting every nation and continent. Here is an example of the phenomenon in Africa.

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