Former member of Warren Jeffs’ polygamous Mormon cult who grew up with 35 SIBLINGS and four moms returns to the Arizona town which he fled at the age of 18

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A man who grew up in polygamist family with 35 siblings and four moms as part of Warren Jeffs’ abusive religious cult has spoken out about what his unusual upbringing was like.

In a YouTube documentary made by filmmaker Drew Binsky, Sam Zitting Wyson returns to Colorado City in Arizona for a confronting trip down memory lane.

He left the secretive community when he was 18 years old and is now based in Las Vegas with wife Melissa and their two children.

Today, half of Sam’s siblings still believe in Jeffs’ cult and they do not have any contact with him as a result.

This includes one sister who married Jeffs’ father Rulon when she was aged 18 and he was 80.

Sam explains in the film that once someone chooses to leave the community, ‘you’re not welcome back and so you lose your family basically.’

As he strolls through a local park where he played as a child, Sam touches on what his thoughts were on Jeffs, who served as the president of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) from 2002 onwards following Rulon’s retirement.

He explains: ‘Warren Jeffs was as a king, a ruler, a God… People would obey everything he said to do, including law enforcement.

‘He owned everything. People had big companies, like construction companies, and he made all of them sign those companies over to the trust so that he could even own that.

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