Former member of polygamist cult answers commonly asked incest question

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An ex-member of a polygamist cult has lifted the lid on how his life used to be in his incest-ridden family.

Explaining all in a YouTube video hosted by Amanda Rae, also a former cult member, Joe Robinson spoke at length about the chilling truth of his lie when he grew up as a part of the cult in Salt Lake City.

He was part of the Mormon cult, The Kingston Group, known as The Order, with his parents being half-siblings.

The cult practices polygamy, with members chillingly going through blood tests to see which family members they could marry and, well, consummate their marriage with.

Despite the fact that both Joe and Amanda had different fathers, due to their experiences in polygamous cults, they saw both of them having multiple wives.

Joe revealed that everyone in his family, all stemming from patriarch Daniel, who had 157 kids with 14 wives, were required to have a blood test to determine which extended family members they could pro-create with.

Truly disturbing stuff.

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