Famous ‘pray and obey’ sign at Warren Jeffs’ former Utah house has been removed

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They chiseled out the brick letters one by one until the phrase that had long stood over their town and represented the old ways of their disgraced prophet was no more.

Every part of the infamous “pray and obey” sign in Hildale was pried away last week by a team of residents, starting with the last “Y” at the bottom of the chimney. It took them two and a half days of hammering at the past to remove it. It felt monumental in so many ways.

“Most of the people here don’t really want quotes from Warren Jeffs still hanging up,” Briell Decker told The Salt Lake Tribune. “This brings a whole lot of closure.”

Content retrieved from: https://www.sltrib.com/religion/local/2023/11/24/famous-pray-obey-sign-warren-jeffs/.

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