Families beware: Cults are everywhere and they want your loved ones

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The acting school “Ally” joined promised a safe space where she could flourish as an artist. Instead, she descended into a world of manipulation, isolation and a distorted sense of belonging. Sadly, Ally and I no longer speak or share the same reality.

If you believe your children are immune to such groups, think again. Cults exist in various forms, in unsuspecting places, preying on people from all walks of life. They frequently target young individuals going through significant life changes, like leaving home or school.

My story is not an isolated incident but a stark warning for all families — cults are pervasive, hiding in plain sight and demanding our vigilance.

The school seemed the perfect place for Ally to hone her acting skills. Caring utmost about her well-being, I believed she was entering a nurturing environment genuinely committed to student welfare — or so they professed.

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